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Sports and School Games 2020/21

Sports Days at Lowton West


On Monday, Classes 1 and 2 took part in their Sports Day on the school field and we were lucky enough to have the perfect weather. The children enjoyed different events that included the running race, obstacle race, a coconut shy (which was very challenging), javelin throwing and everybody’s favourite -  the egg and spoon race. There was lots of cheering and lots of encouragement from everybody and a fun afternoon was had by all. The winning house was Dahl.

Well done to all of the children, they were Superstars!! 

Year 1

Year 1 took part in their very first sports day on Thursday afternoon. They competed for their house team and participated in events such as the obstacle race, running race and sack race. They enjoyed throwing the foam Javelin and a fun afternoon was had by all. The winning team was the Rowling House. Well done to all of the Year 1 children!

Class 6 Sports Day

Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed their Sports Day on Monday.  There was a fantastic atmosphere with a great air of sportsmanship. The children enjoyed lots of different events that included running, obstacle, egg and spoon and sack races.  The children also enjoyed showing off their throwing skills at the coconut shy and with the javelin.  There was lots of cheering, encouragement and laughter!  The children were wonderful and the winning house was Walliams. Well done to everyone!

Year 3 Sports Day

What a fantastic day! On Thursday 17th June, Class 7 and 8 took part in their Sports Day. Everyone had an absolutely incredible afternoon taking part in a range of exciting activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed competing against one another in the egg and spoon race and were superb at skipping. The children worked hard in their running and relay races and enjoyed the throwing and jumping challenges. Everyone found the archery extremely thrilling, trying their hardest to score as many points as possible. The behaviour across both classes was exceptional and all the children showed terrific sportsmanship, making the day a memorable and joyful one. The winning house was Walliams. Well done to everyone!

Year 4 Sports Day 

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 took part in their Sports Day. Not only were we blessed with amazing weather, but with amazing children as well. Because of the Covid situation last year, this was actually their first Junior Sports Day and they were fantastic. They took part in a range of activities including running, jumping, skipping, throwing and even archery! It was a packed afternoon and the children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed it.

Class 9 winning team was the Rowling House.

Class 10 winning team was the Walliams House.

Well done Year 4!

Year 5 Sports Day

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic Sports Day. The weather was beautiful so that the children could enjoy a full afternoon of events: running races, relay, egg and spoon, skipping, throwing, jumping and archery. The children participated wonderfully throughout the different events and it was lovely to watch their sportsmanship as they cheered each other on.

Points were awarded throughout the afternoon and winning house was Cowell.

Year 6 Sports Day

On Wednesday, Year 6 took part in sports day. The weather was beautiful and the children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. They took part in events including: throwing, jumping, running, egg and spoon, skipping, archery and relay race. The children encouraged each other showing great humour, sportsmanship and friendship. Well done, Year 6! 

Thank you

Many thanks to Mr Copley and Mrs Copley for organising the sports days and supporting with the setting up of the sports afternoons.


PE Enrichment Days at Lowton West

Year 1 PE Enrichment Day

Year 1 have completed their ‘Premier Sports Enrichment Days and have enjoyed participating in the different activities. They had lots of fun participating in archery, Frisbee, curling and developing their target skills. Well done Year 1!

Year 2 PE Enrichment Day

Year 2 had a wonderful time participating in enrichment activities. The children were treated to archery, frisbee throwing and den building. Many thanks to Premier Sports for their involvement.

Class 7 PE Enrichment Day

Class 7 took part in their ‘Premier Sports Enrichment Day’. All of the children had the opportunity to participate in archery, javelin throwing and jumping over the hurdles.  They also played a game of rounders which the children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed! The behaviour of Class 7 was excellent; all of the children showed great sportsmanship and worked well as a team! A fantastic day - well done everyone! 

Class 8 PE Enrichment Day 

Class 8 took part in their ‘Premier Sports Enrichment Day.’ All of the children had the opportunity to try archery and develop their skills in Boccia and curling. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activities provided and tried extremely hard throughout. The children also timed themselves taking part in different exercises, such as star jumps and balancing. Class 8’s behaviour was outstanding. All of the children showed great sportsmanship and worked incredibly well together as a team! It was a fantastic and fun day! Well done everyone! 

Class 11 PE Enrichment Day

Class 11 enjoyed a great morning of archery and den building. The children spent half of the morning practising their archery skills. Considering that this was the first time the children have used the bows and arrows, they did brilliantly. Many bulls eyes were hit and there were clearly some Robin Hoods and Maid Marions in the making!  For the other half of the morning, we worked in small groups to use the equipment given to make a den large enough for the whole group. Impressively, every group achieved this! The children behaved impeccably all morning. Their resilience, teamwork and problem solving was fantastic. It really was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. Well done, Class 11!

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