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Vision Statement and School Values

Motto:  'Aiming High Together'


Vision (our goal):  To Inspire, Achieve and Succeed, we will aim high and build dreams and futures together.


Mission Statement:

Providing the highest quality education, care and support for the whole school community.

 Our mission statement is based on RESPECT:

R = Recognising the needs of the individual child

E = Ensuring a unique and engaging curriculum

S = Supporting each other to learn and achieve

P = Passionate about providing the highest quality education

E = Encouraging creativity, self – expression and imagination

C = Creating confident, resilient, life – long learners

T = The voice of everybody is heard


All the above statements help us to understand how we can all make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community.


We will do this through our core values:

- Respect

- Resilience

- Kindness

- Confidence


We also, at Lowton West Primary School, strive to develop and uphold British Values. The five British values that the Government has identified for schools to focus on are:

- Democracy

- The Rule of Law

- Individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

- Developing personal and social responsibility  

- Respect for British Institutions

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