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Friends Association

Friends of Lowton West.

Who Are We?

We are a fun, friendly group made up of parents of children who attend Lowton West and we get together to share fundraising ideas to raise funds for the school.

What do we do with the money we raise?

The money helps to pay for the school trips, subsidising the amount parents have to pay.

We help provide for any specialist guests/workshops in school that enhance the knowledge and learning of the children, along with days out.

We buy new equipment for each of the classes from indoor games and toys to use during wet playtimes, to outdoor equipment like new reading sheds and the mud kitchen in the reception classes.

We also help to raise funds for selected charities like Cancer Research and Meningitis Trust.


How can you help?

Do you think you want to have more of a say in events that take place, meet other parents and be more involved in your child’s school?

If you cannot attend meetings, but can help set up/tidy away at coffee mornings or events, then any help no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated. Everything is voluntary but helps provide a better life for the children of Lowton West as well as save money for parents.

 For more information or to join, please email :  or leave your details with the School Office.

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