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Play Leaders

At Lowton West Primary, pupils from Upper Key Stage Two support pupils, sports and activities across school as Playleaders. Mr Taylor, from Golborne High School, works with approximately thirty Year 5 and 6 pupils each Autumn Term to complete the Playground Leaders Award.

The aim of Playleaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Year 5 and 6 children by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground. One of the aims of the scheme is that it will increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime and ensure all children enjoy their playtimes, with a range of activities available and groups of children to play with. The scheme will also hopefully raise self-esteem and self-confidence of the leaders.

Playleaders help support the organisation and purchasing of playground and sports equipment. Each lunchtime, our Play Leaders organise an activity for either KS1 or KS2 children. Any child is encouraged to join in if they need someone to play with or want to take part. Play Leaders also ensure that our play equipment is being used responsibly and shared. The Play Leaders wear an orange visibility jacket, so they are always visible and easy to find by the staff and children. The Play Leader Timetable is displayed in Year 5 and 6, so the children know what is happening and who is on duty. We are very proud of our Playleaders and the role they play in promoting active lunchtimes.

Our Year 6 House Captains, voted in each year by pupils at Lowton West, are also actively involved in sports activities across school. Playleaders and House Captains join forces as our school’s Sports Crew and help support teachers in the organisation of teams, equipment and sports kits in preparation for training and sports events held across the school year. They also help with the organisation and set up of the school Sports Days, helping teachers and younger pupils during the KS1 event.

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