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If your child is ill or can not attend school for any other reason, parents/carers must contact the school on the first day of absence by telephone, no later than 9:30am. School can also be contacted by email at


On returning to school a written note must be provided detailing the reason for the child’s absence. 


Please be aware that when a parent telephones the school with information that their child is unable to attend due to illness, or other circumstances, this may not be automatically authorised. Your child's current and previous school attendance will be taken into consideration and, as a result, the absence may be un authorised.


The school will then differentiate between authorised absences, e.g. due to illness, medical appointments and unauthorised absences, e.g. unknown reason for absence or absence without agreement from the school.


Parents should be aware that taking children out of school during term time can be extremely disruptive for pupils' education.  Every effort should be made to arrange holidays at times shown on the holiday list.  The Headteacher will not agree to your child missing school during term time other than in exceptional circumstances.


If you do wish to take your child out of school for a period of holiday then please complete a ‘Holiday Request form’ in advance, (forms are available from the school office).



The Attendance Officer undertakes regular monitoring of attendance and will contact parents of pupils whose attendance gives cause for concern.  Parents may be invited into school for a discussion with the Attendance Officer and/or the Headteacher. Please refer to the School's 'Attendance Policy'. 


Rewards and strategies used to promote good attendance


  • Children who have 100 per cent attendance in any one year will receive an excellence certificate for attendance, presented at the end of the year Celebration Assembly.
  • All the children who have 100 per cent attendance in any one term will receive an excellence certificate for attendance, awarded at the last assembly of the term. These children will also be entered into a raffle (£15.00 book tokens for the first three 100% raffle winners drawn in the raffle).

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