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Our Staff


Headteacher: Mrs J.Westhead

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs N. Gould (SENCO)

Assistant Headteacher KS1 : Mrs A. Brooks (Science)

Assistant Headteacher KS2 : Mr A. Rigby (Literacy)


Teaching Staff:

Mrs M. Bartolini- Bradley (Foundation Stage Manager/ Senior Leadership Team)

Miss S. Bailey (Computing)

Mrs. H. Culver (Numeracy)

Mr. L. Copley (Physical Education)

Mrs E. Copley (Part-time/ Physical Education)

Mrs J. Falconer (Art)

Mrs S. Meighen (Part Time/History)

Miss H. Olson (Geography)

Mrs Hough (Part Time/Geography)

Miss V. Green (PSHCE including RES and HE Education)

Mrs J. Cooke (Part Time/Music) 

Miss E. Larsen (Foreign Languages)

Mrs D. Trickett (Design Technology)

Miss S. Allen (Religious Education)

Mrs L. Dulhanty (Part time / ECO)

Mr B. Maguire (SMSC)

Miss A. Porter


Office Staff:

Mrs D.Willoughby (School Business Manager)

Mrs C. Ward (Office Administrator)

Teaching Assistants:

Miss M. Atherton

Mrs M. Jones

Mrs K. Dean

Mrs M. Comer

Ms V. Smith

Mrs S. Huntington

Mrs N. Newton

Mrs S. Oxley

Mrs L. Pouncey

Mrs A Higgens

Mrs C. Lang

Mrs A. Mazey

Miss J. Saville

Miss A. Timms

Mrs L. Rodgers

Mrs E. Crossland

Mrs K. Bennison 

Mrs L. Hutchinson 

Mrs H. Rotherham 

Miss P. Langtree


Caretaker: Mr L. Ellison


Midday Assistants:

Mrs S. Oxley

Mrs L. Pouncey

Ms V. Smith

Mrs C. Lang

Miss A. Timms

Mrs A. Rutter 

Miss J. Saville 


Cook: Mrs D. Adamson


Kitchen staff:

Miss L Baker

Miss E Simpson

Miss G. Small

Mrs V Goodier 

Mr M. Kennedy

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