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To all staff, parents and the community of Lowton West Primary School

To all staff, parents and the community of Lowton West Primary School

September seems like a distant memory; it has been a long and busy term and I am delighted to have this opportunity to express my gratitude and that of all the governors to everyone at Lowton West who have worked so hard.

The early months of the Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the vital role that Lowton West and schools alike play in the lives of our children.

I and the governors acknowledge and commend you all for the commitment that we have witnessed from our school community during this year of unprecedented challenges. Despite all the circumstances thrown up by having to respond to the virus, your dedication to the children of Lowton West has remained loyal and steadfast.

You have all worked with determination and dedication to ensure that our school gates could reopen in September and that our young people could return to school in as safe an environment as possible. I am also aware of the many complex plans and processes that have had to be drawn up, which have greatly transformed our school environment and working day, to which you have all had to adapt in order to make all this happen.

In all good communities, a healthy school community is one which thrives through the contribution of many people, all working together to create and sustain places of belonging.

I would like to acknowledge all those involved in the ‘Lowton West Community’, including our Head and Deputy Headteacher, the teachers, teaching assistants, office administrators, caretaker and cleaning staff, school crossing staff, kitchen staff, the ‘Friends Association’, my fellow governors, and all the many other people who play a critical role in Lowton West and the lives of our children.

I would also like to thank the Parents and Carers and in particular the pupils of Lowton West for their co-operation and support at this challenging time.

We all need to continue to work together to keep each other safe and in doing so we will all be playing a vital role in ensuring Lowton West remains open.

The governors wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas.

Brian Cunliffe

Chair of Governors

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