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Message from Mr Cunliffe - Chair of Governors

To all parents and carers of Lowton West Community

I am writing to you at the end of a school year which is unlike anything any of us have experienced before. We are not gathered together in the hall listening to and cheering, celebrating and laughing but instead we are remote, distanced, connected virtually, and that is very different to what we are used to.

Yes, it has certainly been a very strange time over recent weeks as we seemed to move towards restrictions being lifted to then find they would not and of course the significant rise of the Delta variant and the worry and concern that this has caused both nationally and locally. As parents and carers, you will know first-hand how this has affected school, especially over these last two weeks, as we move ever nearer to our summer holidays, given the number of children that have been asked to remain at home to self-isolate. It is for that very reason that I must start by recognising and thanking you all for your ongoing support. This has been a very difficult year for us all. I am aware as Chair of Governors that many of you have endured long and arduous hours of work. Many of you have taken on extra responsibilities to ensure that both work and home can run smoothly. Many of you have experienced great loss and personal pain as those nearest to you have been affected by this illness and yet throughout all of it you continued to give of your best to our school family. This is something that I will certainly never forget and not just because of the pandemic but for the interest and concern you showed as parents and carers for the welfare of our school, the children who attend here and the staff who arrive every day to look after, teach and care for your children. It has been greatly appreciated.

In time, I am sure the pandemic will become a more distant, although never forgotten, memory. In my view, all members of our school community have supported each other well in extremely testing circumstances and we are now well-placed to make the most of the opportunities that will be presented in the future.

As I have already stated, this year has been unprecedented --- but our Year 6 have been amazing. This time of the year is always an emotional occasion for me to see how much our children have achieved and how grown up they are! They have impressed me with their resilience and positive attitude throughout – even when times have been tough!

I know that they are all heading off in different directions, but I hope that the friendships that they have built will remain strong and true for years to come. I also hope that in years to come they will look back fondly on their primary school years and that Lowton West will always have a place in their hearts.

I know that we are saying goodbye to some families who have had long connections with Lowton West and that we will still see some of you as you have younger siblings in school. Whichever bracket you fall in, I would also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you as parents for your continued support over the years – you have been amazing too!

Once again – thank you for allowing Lowton West Primary School to ‘borrow’ your children for seven years!

On behalf of all governors and staff at Lowton West School, thank you for your patience, empathy and understanding during this very, very strange year, and I hope that you have a peaceful and joyful summer holiday.

Wishing the children and you all the very best; have a fabulous summer and take care !

Brian Cunliffe – Chair of Governors and on behalf of all governors.






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