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Lowton West Primary School

Welcome to our Year 5 Topic Work


 Archery Day with Premier Sports

Let's Sing March 2017

On Monday, Year 5 took part in the 'Let's Sing' concert at Robin Park. The children behaved outstandingly throughout the day and their singing was superb!

The children particularly shone when singing 'Magical Kingdom' as they had put so much effort into it.

A big thank you to Mrs Willoughby for putting the songs onto the website and well done to the children for spending hours learning all of the songs.

A particular well done to Shayan who exuded confidence in his solo of 'Almost Nearly Perfect'. Well done Year 5! 

Y5/Y6 Interschool Maths Challenge

On Wednesday, four Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the ‘Interschool Maths Competition’ at Nicol Mere Primary School.

There were 15 schools in total who took part in the competition and the children had to complete a range of maths problems over a series of rounds.

Throughout the morning, the children displayed excellent teamwork skills and worked together to solve some very tricky questions! They even made Mrs Culver think!

At the end of the competition, scoring an impressive 66 points out of 69, we were declared the winners!

Well done, children. You were amazing and should be very proud of your achievements.


Young Writers Competition News

Year 5 children entered a competition before Christmas to write a short (100 words max) story about a crazy creature.

This week we have received the fantastic news that some of our entries have been selected to be published.

Parents of the children chosen have been sent a letter requesting permission to publish the stories in a book.

Well done to all of the children who entered the competition.

We cannot wait to see the mini sagas in print!


The Storm

By Class 11

Table 2 –     Silence grew as clouds occluded the night sky,

                   As waves lapped into the misty, foggy air,

                   The wind howled to the beat of the lighthouses.

There was a strange feeling in the air,

The sea, once calm, was now filled with fury,

Boiling like a potion in a witches’ cauldron.

Table 1-       Whirling wind, like a tornado, erupted into the night sky,

Stronger and stronger, the abysmal wind roared and snapped the branches aggressively,

The horrific wind blasted out shock waves,

The horrendous wind sucked up the salty sand.

Table 3-      Raging rain poured like blood onto the malicious waves,

Nightmares were redeemed as waves were battered onto the insidious rocks,

Memories invaded my brain of a squall flooding the gloomy beach,

Downpours soaked boats as waves attacked the lighthouse in a tempest of pure fury.

Table 4-      Ragingly, the immense storm clashed against the rock hard waves,

                   Out of nowhere berserkers swung their metal blades,

                   Ripping the sky, the lightning came crashing through the heavens,

                   The barbaric bolts thundered, performing a nightmare,

                   Brutal lightning battled against the lugubrious solid wood.

Table 5-      Without any warning, a ray of light appeared out of the eerie mist,

                   Silence was written on the waves,

                   It was as peaceful as the starry nights,

                   No more thunder, no more darkness,

                   All of a sudden, the storm stopped.

After reading 'The Wreck of the Zanzibar' in class, Class 11 looked at a range of storm poetry and analysed the use of figurative language.

We hunted for similes, metaphors, alliteration, repetition and descriptive phrases.

Working in groups, we then composed our own class poem with each group being responsible for one verse.

Our final version was AMAZING!!

Well done, Class 11!

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it.

Year 5 Trip – Jodrell Bank

On Monday, Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank as part of their work on Earth and Space.

It was a fun-filled day where the children learned lots of useful information both about our planet and the solar system. In the inflatable planetarium, we got to see the night sky as we have never seen it before – it was amazing!

The children also became designers for a device to help them land some very fragile ‘cargo’ (an egg!) safely on Mars.

We were very pleased when some of our devices were successful!

All of the children behaved impeccably during the day and were a credit to the school and their parents.

Well done Year 5. Many thanks to Mrs Culver, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Davies, Mrs Cooke and Mrs Mulhall for organising the trip and to all the parents who gave up their day to help on this trip.


Year 5 History Alive

On Tuesday, Year 5 were taken back in time to Victorian times and spent half a day experiencing what life was like in a Victorian classroom. Miss Banks, their Victorian teacher, showed the children some of the activities which Victorian children would have experienced - from morning inspection, to mental arithmetic and handwriting with dip pens and ink. The children all dressed up in typical Victorian clothing: aprons and mopcaps for the girls; waistcoats, flat caps and mufflers (ties) for the boys. Throughout their sessions, the children responded very well to the strict style of teaching and were quite shocked at some of the things they were told about how children were treated. Luckily, the children's behaviour was superb and no Victorian punishments were required! We would like to thank Mrs Meighen for arranging this experience for the children. It was certainly worthwhile and taught the children a great deal in a short space of time.


“The Friends of Lowton West” have kindly paid for a History Alive performance and workshop which will help to consolidate the children’s knowledge and understanding of this topic.

 Thank you


We hope that you have enjoyed looking at our

Year 5 Topic Work!

From Mrs Culver, Mrs Isherwood and all  of the


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