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Lowton West Primary School


Link Governors:


What is a Link Governor?

 A link Governor creates a good working relationship between the subject specialist within the school and the subject link governor and will enhance the success of any initiatives.


Governors with specific roles.

Many governing bodies have specialist governors called link governors. Link governors are associated with a particular aspect of the school or curriculum, such as safeguarding, ICT, inclusion (ensuring that all children have full access to the curriculum and all opportunities provided by the school), health and safety, sports and pupil premium. Because of the important legal implications, I feel it wise to have governors attached to the areas in the table below.






Brian Cunliffe


SEN & Inclusion

Mrs K. Bond

Mr. A. Rigby

Mrs. N. Gould

Health & Safety

Brian Cunliffe/ Alan Boardman



Mrs. Dawn Carroll & Mrs. Lynda Pouncey

Mrs. M. Bartolini


Brian Cunliffe & Dr. Gena Merrett

Mrs. A. Brooks


Mrs. S. Black. Mrs. M. Blewitt & Dr. Gena Merrett

Mrs. D. Rimmer Phillips

Pupil Premium & Sports Funding

Mrs. Sharon Black

Mrs. N Goud

ICT & Governor section on school web-site


Mrs. Jayne Esau

Miss. S. Bailey

Development Governor**

Mr. Brian Cunliffe

Clerk to governing body

Parental Engagement

Mrs. Jayne Esau


School Council

Dr. Gena Merrett

Miss. V. Green

Staff well being

Mrs. Sharon Black & Mrs Kirsten Bond



** Development Governor


The development governor can sometimes be a forgotten role. Coordinating training and development is not the most glamorous role, but it is important. A good development governor will keep the team up to speed with new courses, encourage attendance and keep a record of training for Ofsted.

As well as going on regular training, governors should consider annually our own performance and undertake a self-evaluation exercise (we completed this in June 2017). The development governor would be the perfect choice to organise and manage this process.


Subject Governors.

In the case of subject governors, there are a couple of things to consider. With all the potential curriculum areas, I feel that it is not possible for every subject to have a governor, at least not without individuals taking on multiple responsibilities. Imagine, however, if you were to take on multiple responsibilities: this will naturally add to your governance workload, especially if you are expected to carry out regular monitoring visits and produce a report in each case. The success of this approach is dependent on you being committed to your respective roles and to keep everyone else informed. A probable scenario, however, is that you will struggle to fulfil your various roles and, consequently, some areas lose focus.


So what are the alternatives?

An alternative, and more feasible, way of managing this is to invite subject leaders into sub-committee meetings on a rotational basis. This has the benefit of several governors, rather than one, gaining a much. Both of these approaches can be just as effective as link governors, and, again, it has the added benefit of involving staff in governor meetings and holding them to account directly.


Link governors should be expected to undertake regular monitoring visits and produce reports for distributing to fellow governors. These reports are valuable for many reasons, including to:


  • Confirm and record that statutory requirements have been met;
  • Keep a record of exceptions and issues;
  • Ensure there is a focus on alignment with the School Improvement Plan or Ofsted action plan;
  • Provide information for fellow governors;
  • Offer evidence of governor impact.

Bear in mind the danger of having too many link governors where lots of roles are created and governors end up wearing multiple hats, trying to monitor several different aspects of the school and, conversely, the risk of having too few. If there are too many the monitoring doesn’t get done; if there are too few, an important priority may be overlooked. Creating a link between governors and the SIP is one approach to create the right balance. This can be achieved by linking individual governors to key subject areas for monitoring purposes, or allocating sections of the SIP to sub-committees to review and monitor.


As a model, the subject link governor, in support of the curriculum team, could undertake some or all of the following: 

  • Become informed about relevant documents and legislation; OfSTED criteria for evaluating the subject provision; local and national issues impacting upon the subject.
  • Liaise with the subject co-ordinator or head of subject in order to become informed about staffing arrangements and training; the condition and availability of resources; curriculum and timetable arrangements; special needs provision; reference to the school development plan; assessment and recording procedures for the subject; which visits and visitors are planned.
  • Establish and maintain effective lines of communication between the subject co-ordinator and the Governing Body; report back to Governing Body meetings.





Committee membership 2017/2018

Terms of reference for all committees are available on request from school.



Remit: To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding, Finance and Staffing, Personnel and Health and Safety.


Remit: To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding, Standards in school and the curriculum

Sharon Black


Alan Boardman


Kirsten Bond


Marie Blewitt

Dawn Carroll


Brian Cunliffe

Jayne Esau


Lynda Pouncey


Gena Merrett



Staff vacancy



Co-opted vacancy



Co-opted vacancy



Parent vacancy



Associate Member




Pay Committee

Remit: To make decisions about performance related pay for teachers and the headteacher


Mrs M Blewitt


Mr B Cunliffe


 The Role of a School Governor

 The Seven Principles of Public Life.

 Declaration of eligibility to serve as School Governor.

 Eligibility to serve as a School Governor.









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